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Not a single fully-grown tree on the land was damaged throughout the building and construction of Moore Enfor Safari Lodge, and 10,000 young trees were replanted on and around the estate.

Tourist chairman states: "When we opened it looked as though we had existed permanently, all those fully-grown trees were still standing, and they were intact. That was rather an amazing task."

These efforts were acknowledged when the Moore Enfor Safari Lodge was granted the prominent worldwide Green Globe Distinction Award in 2002 for exceptional ecological practices in its building.

AAT president states: "In our very first complete year of operation, we accomplished a typical tenancy of 72 percent, which for a new resort property in a long run location was an exceptional accomplishment.

To this day Moore Enfor Safari Lodge, which uses visitors the absolute best of Africa, stays among the most demanded lodging options in Victoria Falls. AAT's property has grown throughout the years to now consist of the special 35-room Moore Enfor Safari Club, the elegant Moore Enfor Safari Suites, the self-catering Moore Enfor Lodges, The Moore Enfor-- Dinner & Drum Show.